New Study Finds Tremendous Economic Impact of Mariner Projects

Just five days after the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection suspended construction along the Mariner East 2 pipeline route, a study was released detailing the significant economic impact that the project will have for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On Monday, Econsult published their comprehensive study on the economic impact that the Mariner East projects will have – updating their estimates from 2015 to account for “several changes to the Mariner East project scope and the introduction of an additional phase.” The study finds that not only will there be a “one-time economic impact of nearly $9.1 billion in the Commonwealth,” but the Mariner East projects, along with additional improvements at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, will “produce between $140 and $210 million of ongoing annual economic impacts in the Commonwealth.”

The impact helps more than the Commonwealth at large, as tens of thousands of individual Pennsylvanians will be employed and consistently paid as a result of these projects. During the construction phase, these projects “will support 57,070 direct, indirect and induced jobs between 2013 and 2019 with earnings of $2.7 billion impacting multiple industries,” and once completed, the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex will support “between 360 and 530 jobs direct, indirect, and induced jobs with earnings between $30 and $45 million.”

This new study comes during a crossroads period for the Mariner East projects, and they serve to highlight the importance of these projects to Pennsylvania’s economy, and Pennsylvania’s citizens. Halting construction halts construction jobs and significant economic growth. Resuming construction will employ thousands of hard working Americans, and get Pennsylvania back on track to reaping the $9.1 billion rewards.