Fringe Group Again Demonstrates Trouble Relationship With The Truth

Once again showing their troubled relationship with facts and the truth, the fringe environmentalist group Food & Water Watch is trying to justify their “battle” against the Mariner East pipeline.

In an attempt to discredit the years-long process that Sunoco and Mariner East went through in order to begin construction, Food & Water Watch notes that “Governor Wolf’s administration has been generally supportive of the fracking industry,” hinting at inside baseball in how permits were granted to the project. Grasping at straws here, they’ve made a claim with no basis in facts, instead choosing to overlook the arduous and exhaustive permitting process that all pipelines go through in order to begin construction.

Mariner East 2 received the proper permissions and permits after scores of meetings, and piles of analyses over two and a half years. They have also been found to exceed safety regulations. Food and Water Watch only wants to evoke emotion here; they care nothing for whether or not their claims are actually true.

Another false claim made by this fringe, anti-infrastructure group is that “the material sought by drilling companies is intended for export to Europe, to be used in the manufacture of plastics.” First of all, attempting to discredit an infrastructure project importance by arguing that it is going to increase a region’s exports is an inherently flawed argument, as increasing trade is going to boost a region’s economy. That’s economics 101, and this wild swing shows again Food & Water Watch’s troubled understanding of how economics actually work.

Second, as detailed by Tom Shepstone in a recent series for Natural Gas Now, the resources transported via the Mariner East 2 pipeline are going to lower heating costs, help local manufacturers, and will be an overall boost to local economies. Marcus Hook already provides propane transported through the Mariner East pipelines to local propane distributors for home heat and they will be providing ethane to the PCV Fairview Plant in Cambria County, which will have a positive impact on utility customers across Pennsylvania. This project has great benefits for the Keystone state, but Food and Water Watch would have you believe that all benefits will travel overseas, when that could not be further from the truth. In addition to the increased access to energy resources provided by ME2, Pennsylvania will benefit to the tune of $9.1 billion, while creating thousands of jobs for hard working Pennsylvanians all across the keystone state.

This project will be extremely beneficial to Pennsylvania, and it’s important that we talk about it using truth and facts. Food & Water Watch turns a blind eye to both, and their clear lack of understanding underscores how unfit they are to discuss these vital infrastructure projects.