Again, Anti-Pipeline Activists Confuse Facts with Fiction

In a recent letter written to the Delco Times, Eric Friedman from Thornbury needed just four words to show how little he regards the truth about the Mariner East pipeline – a habit consistently shown from anti-pipeline activists attempting to halt Pennsylvania’s pipeline infrastructure development. Friedman writes that the process of constructing Mariner East 2 has occurred “in [a] reckless rush.” It’s impossible to say if Friedman is ignorant or apathetic to the truth, but it’s clear that he cares little for the fact that the project has gone through years of review from countless oversight bodies, local and state governments and has exceeded safety requirements.

Friedman goes on to make poorly informed claims based off of cherry picked studies that again omit reality. He chooses instead to ignore the most recent data on the projects because they do not fit his narrow worldview and narrative. Nowhere does he mention that economic estimates have doubled in recent, with a new expected economic impact of $9.1 billion for Pennsylvania’s economy.

The projects will also create and support nearly 60,000 jobs during the construction process, while supporting up to 530 jobs with earnings between $30 and $45 million. Add in that the Mariner East projects will produce between $140 and $210 million in annual economic impacts, and the picture begins to fill out. Friedman chooses to include the points that he does because telling the truth would undermine his entire argument.

Friedman’s letter is just the latest in a long string of ideologically tilted arguments intended to stunt the development of Pennsylvania’s much-needed infrastructure. Freidman and anti-pipeline advocates that occupy the fringes of the ideological spectrum attempt to discredit these important projects by omitting the truth and amplifying only what suits them. A well informed debate is the most important thing when it comes to any divided issue, but time and time again opposition groups have shown how little they care for facts and the truth when it comes to Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

It’s dangerous to propagate ideological views as the truth, particularly when doing so willfully spreads misinformation, but eliciting fear has been a part of their playbook. We should strive to understand the full picture, the entire story – and that’s something that Eric Friedman simply chooses not to do.  The bottom line is that Mariner East 2, and the Mariner East projects, will boost Pennsylvania’s economy and create tens of thousands of jobs; providing increased access to efficient, clean-burning, affordable energy; and provide countless economic benefits for Pennsylvania, all while ensuring the safety of our communities and environment.