EIA Highlights Energy Connectivity in Appalachia

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a new study today on the natural gas liquids (NGL) processing and production capacity in the Appalachian region. The study underscores the progress of the NGL processing capacity over the past decade and the role pipelines have in bolstering energy connectivity throughout the Northeast region.

The study details that “in the Appalachian region, unlike in other producing regions, all liquids are fractionated locally. As a result, the natural gas processing capacity buildout in the Appalachian region has been accompanied by significant additions to fractionation capacity.”

Increases in Shale gas production in the last ten years has driven development of midstream infrastructure across pipelines and natural gas processing plants that together bolster the production of natural gas across the Appalachian region.

This energy infrastructure development is currently revitalizing the Marcus Hook fractionation capacity and offers helpful direction for eastern Ohio to develop processing facilities like those seen in Western Pennsylvania.