Pennsylvania Petition Provides Misinformation on ME2 Public Utility Status

This week, a petition was put up on the left-leaning activist platform, by “Concerned Pennsylvanians” in Chester and Delaware Counties urging Governor Wolf to oppose the Mariner East 2 pipeline. The petition provides selective understanding of the construction process and wholly misunderstands the placement of existing energy infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania.

First of all, the Pennsylvania courts have been consistent in their support of the public utility status of the Mariner East projects. These pipelines are already benefitting people across the region and harbor tenable opportunities across workforce development and energy connectivity.

Second, this is not the first pipeline construction to take place in Pennsylvania (a fact clearly mapped in the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) overview of energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania). Safety is always the top priority in the construction and maintenance of energy infrastructure – and Mariner East 2 remains consistent and diligent in these efforts.

Third, many existing pipelines run next to schools. Statistically, that is an obvious fact. It is both hypocritical and uninformed to suggest that Mariner East 2 is unique in this regard.

It is important to highlight safety concerns around pipeline development in Pennsylvania. It is also important to get the facts straight.