Unlawful Actions Employed to Halt Infrastructure Development

It has become common practice for anti-pipeline groups to push unlawful actions in their ideological quest to halt infrastructural development.

Today, the Philly Anti-Capitalist group posted a blog detailing how, “Earlier this week we took our first steps against the Mariner East pipeline in Pennsylvania, U$A. On the eve of the fall equinox, we approached several excavators and a flat bed truck on an active ME2 construction site in Media, PA and filled their fuel tanks and other liquid receptors with sand and sugar. After removing the fuel tank lid (there are diagrams about how to do this online), we recommend removing the filter just beneath it before pouring in these abrasives, for maximum damage to the whole machine, and being careful not to spill or leave other traces which would tip off the workers inspecting the machines the following morning. Human-caused ecological collapse and mass extinction are upon us, and we feel we must push ourselves to escalate the fight against it. We take this action in solidarity with Camp White Pine, Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya in Iowa, Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp, and struggles against ecological devastation and settler colonial violence everywhere.”

Looking at these unlawful actions in light of sustained efforts by the Gerhart family and Camp White Pine to oppose Mariner East construction through any means necessary, resulting on multiple occasions in several arrests, it paints a concerning picture of destructive and often dangerous methods employed by some ideologically-driven anti-pipeline groups to hinder infrastructure development across Pennsylvania.