The New Front of the Radical Environmentalists

Anti-pipeline protestors tout messages of environmental conservatism that fester misinformation through selective application of the facts and encourage illicit activities to further the cause by any means necessary.

A recent piece in Townhall highlights that this “war on pipelines” is waged by “radical environmentalists”, for whom “no evidence to the contrary will budge them from their hysteria-laden talking points on looming climate cataclysms.”

The piece stresses that “Even more important, some activists are now going far beyond mere rhetoric and protests – and engaging in sabotage of pipeline construction equipment and even pipeline safety valves. These intolerable acts should be met with police action, major fines and jail terms. Free speech and peaceful protests are absolutely acceptable. Eco-terrorism and threats to public safety cannot be tolerated.

It is increasingly difficult to empathize with such groups who employ methods that undermine public safety and ignore reality – Pipelines are needed to get gas to market, and it is the safest mode to do so. End of story.