Anti-Pipeline Groups Use Children for Political Agenda

Senator Dinniman and Rafferty are convening a press conference tomorrow highlighting the dangers of the Mariner East 2 pipeline to Governor Wolf — this is nothing more than a political maneuver – and a poor one at that.

According to the press release sent out by Senator Dinniman’s office, the press conference will introduce a “bipartisan package of legislation aimed to improve safety along pipeline groups.” The senators will be joined by several pipeline activists who oppose these projects on a wholesale basis.

Not only is this an old trick for these groups and legislators – but the groups have detailed that they will be using children who will be missing school to attend this stunt. The Facebook group announcing the event lists as hosts the anti-pipeline groups Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety, Protect Penn-Delco, Middletown Coalition for Community Safety, Goshen United for Public Safety, Uwchlan Safety Coalition, and Upper Uwchlan Residents for Safety, and was organized by professional protestor, Sam Rubin from Food and Water Watch.

If legislators and community activists support safety, the fact is that pipelines are the safest way to transport energy resources. Pipelines are safer than transport on roads by truck and safer than through our communities by rail. Pipelines are also much safer for the environment, emitting less pollution than their alternatives, truck and rail. But pipeline opponents don’t acknowledge these facts.

Tomorrow’s event will only highlight further what we already know – the people involved here are against pipeline infrastructure projects despite the positive benefits these projects provide Pennsylvania.