Press Conference Touts Misinformed Fears About PA Pipelines

On Tuesday, a number of environmental activists and legislators descended upon Harrisburg to tout the dangers of the Mariner East projects. This political maneuver not only missed the basic facts regarding the safety features woven through its infrastructure development, it also totally overlooked the immediate and long-term benefits brought on the county and state level by such projects as the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Senator Dinniman and Rafferty convened the press conference in conjunction with Food & Water Watch and other anti-pipeline groups to present legislation aimed at halting energy infrastructure development.

According to Kurt Knaus, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA), “There’s this perception that these pipelines just get thrown into the ground and that’s just not the case at all.” Knaus further explains that, “These pipelines are the safest means we have for transporting these vast energy resources and they’re going to be an incredibly important asset for Pennsylvania in the years ahead.”

Governor Wolf is known across the country for his environmental track record and dedication to protecting his communities and local ecology. He has supported energy infrastructure development because these projects will benefit local communities and are built with layers of safety technology designed specifically to protect the local environment.

This press conference and rally were simply an extension of past efforts to block pipeline construction by any means necessary. Pennsylvania has a wealth of energy reserves and pipeline projects like the Mariner East 2 pipeline are vehicles to help capitalize. Prolonging construction here only prolongs bringing the benefits to come for Pennsylvania and the broader region from the expanded energy infrastructure.