Energy Infrastructure is Key to Pa. Economic Growth

The Marcellus Shale Coalition recently posted a blog detailing how energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania impacted local economic growth and environmental progress. The piece highlighted the misinformation spread through two recent reports put out by the NRDC and the Clean Air Task Force; explaining that “Both the NRDC and Clean Air Task Force, backed by deep-pocketed, anti-natural gas funders like the Heinz Endowments, support banning American energy development and have filed legal challenges to critical energy infrastructure projects across the Commonwealth. Banning safe, responsible energy development would be devastating, costing Pennsylvania’s economy 466,000 jobs and increasing energy costs by $3,500 annually, according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce analysis.”

The piece countered the misinformation and chronicled examples of the benefits of energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania and across the country:

  • “84% of Pennsylvania voters support increasing energy development in the U.S., including 85% of environmentalists, according to a National Association of Manufacturers’ surveyreleased last year.”
  • “Over the past decade, technology and innovation have led to a dramatic increase in our energy resources. This abundant supply of energy is vital to America’s —and Virginia’s — economy. But without the necessary infrastructure, we can’t take advantage of these resources.” (Roanoke Times)
  • “Pipelines are designed to safeguard the environment. As a structure that is almost totally buried underground, they are designed with multiple layers of safety features working together to mitigate impact to the environment and protect sensitive environmental areas. These safety features utilize smart inspection technology and on-sight inspections to ensure system integrity.” (Patriot News)