Ideologues Gimmicks Display Lack of Appreciation of Pennsylvanian Professionalism

Time and time again, stories of fringe ideologues’ efforts against energy infrastructure projects display continual lack of respect for professionals at work.

Most recently, Lancaster Online reported that “State police filed three citations after Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline builder Williams Partners turned over video footage reportedly showing people trespassing on private property Saturday afternoon in the area of 1010 Susquehannock Drive, Martic Township.” The group Lancaster Against Pipelines had shared footage of the participants handing out cookies at the pipeline site – and this latest gimmick ties into a series of efforts to hinder construction and enter the construction site without official approval. As we have posted about before, pipeline projects across the Northeast catalyze regional workforce development and economic growth. One pipeline that has factored into this pro-growth trend in Pennsylvania has been the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, which is poised to bring millions of dollars into the local economy and already employs over 350 people.

Increasingly, protesters opposed to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline have interfered with construction work through any means necessary, wherein 29 people were arrested in these obstructionist efforts. Time and time again, these protesters fail to acknowledge how these efforts obstruct hardworking Pennsylvanian men and women trying to make a living and provide for their families – and flatly display a lack of value for professionalism.

Projects like the Atlantic Sunrise project present pro-growth benefits for the region, and all these efforts do is delay completion of construction. Hopefully, the next time one of these protestors decides to hinder construction efforts here, they consider how it impacts the hardworking workers who are just trying to do their jobs.