Pay Attention to Pipeline Capacity

A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined what is becoming an increasingly large problem in the oil and gas industry: pipeline capacity. Unprecedented access to natural resources has led to all-time highs in American production and a decreasing dependence on foreign energy. This boom has been heralded by many as an American energy renaissance, and rightly so.

In spite of the abundant resources, however, problems remain. Chief among them, how to best transport the oil and gas. Without reliable and plentiful pipelines to move the natural resources from point A to point B, producers will face increased bottlenecks and access to the oil and gas will be for naught.

The WSJ article is a timely reminder that in order to maximize America’s natural resources and continue towards energy independence, we must continue to invest in our infrastructure. By working to mitigate pipeline capacity issues before they become dire, we can take advantage of the oil and gas that our country has to offer and continue to be a world leader in the energy sector.