Senator Dinniman’s Complaint Creates a Bad Precedent

Allowing Senator Dinniman’s complaint to the Public Utility Commission (PUC) in regard to Sunoco Pipeline to be considered creates a dangerous precedent. Regardless of the opinions expressed in Senator Dinniman’s complaint, many of which we categorically disagree with, the issue at hand is that he doesn’t have the standing to be filing.

The Senator does not live within the jurisdiction of the pipeline and therefore is not in a position to have his complaint legally considered. While he is claiming that he has standing because he crosses the line during his daily activities, such an argument stands on incredibly flimsy legal grounds. Considering the Senator’s complaint alone, would open Pandora’s box in terms of who is able to file complaints in upcoming disputes, setting a reckless legal precedent.

If Senator Dinniman is found to have standing here, there will be no end to the list of people who “have standing” and could file complaints on a whole host of issues. In this case, Senator Dinniman’s filing is just the latest in a long string of attempts to delay a legally permitted project by anti-infrastructure groups.