Senator Dinniman Press Release on PUC Decision Misses the Mark

Late last week Senator Andrew Dinniman issued a press release questioning the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) decision to restart operations on the Mariner East 1 pipeline. The release was riddled with inaccuracies and trumped up claims of destabilized geography, which have been definitely rejected by experts. This move is merely the most recent in a string of attempts by the Senator, a staunch and vocal opponent of pipelines, to delay a legally permitted project.

In spite of Senator Dinniman’s allegations, the facts remain the facts. The PUC’s Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement, the expert agency at hand, found that there was no threat to the integrity of the Mariner East 1 pipeline and that geological conditions are suitable for continued operations. And the unanimous PUC vote to restart Mariner East 1 indicates that not only is the pipeline safe to operate, but also underscores that the rigorous oversight process in place is working.