Infrastructure Week a Good Opportunity to Reflect on Critical Energy Infrastructure

Today begins the annual bipartisan “Infrastructure Week,” kicking off nationwide efforts to raise awareness about the state of America’s infrastructure. For years, Infrastructure Week has highlighted the dismal state of bridges and roadways across the nation. While this year is expected to raise similar concerns, it also provides an opportunity to acknowledge and fix serious gaps in our nation’s energy infrastructure.

Energy is a critical component of the American economy and is a significant driver for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In fact, the Keystone State is now the second highest U.S. natural gas producing state in the nation. While the abundant resources provide an excellent economic opportunity for Pennsylvanians, in order to fully take advantage, there needs to be infrastructure capable of transporting these resources safely to end-users. Pipeline capacity issues have posed significant challenges to the oil and gas industry around the country, and threaten to do so in Pennsylvania as well, if not addressed. Unnecessary slowdowns and needless halts on operations have mired our state and raised concerns over demand in an already tight market. As Infrastructure Week progresses, our nation’s energy infrastructure should be front and center in the discussion to protect this critical part of our economy.