Bad Decision from Judge Elizabeth Barnes

Administrative Law Judge Barnes’ decision to grant Senator Andy Dinniman’s petition late last week is unfortunate and ultimately not in the best interest of the Pennsylvanians that the Senator was elected to serve.

Moreover, because the Senator does not live within the jurisdiction of the pipeline, his standing is legally flimsy at best. Permitting Senator Dinniman’s complaint to be considered and further, granting his request, creates a dangerous precedent where any opponent to a legally permitted project will feel emboldened to file complaints solely to slow the process.

Given the tremendous economic impact that the Mariner East project will have on the Commonwealth, including thousands of jobs for local Pennsylvanians and a $9.1 billion economic impact for the state, it is critical that operations be permitted to resume on Mariner East 1, 2, and 2X in the West Whiteland Township as soon as possible.