Monday’s Supreme Court Ruling Decisive Victory for Infrastructure Growth

On Monday the Supreme Court decided to uphold a May 2017 ruling by a three-judge panel of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and declined to review the challenge to Sunoco Inc.’s ability to use eminent domain. This decision, which reinforces a ruling in favor of the company, is merely one more in a long line finding in favor of Sunoco Pipeline, and more specifically, the Mariner East project.

While opponents of the infrastructure project have sought to derail its progress at every turn, the courts have repeatedly found in favor of Sunoco Pipeline, to the benefit of the state of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, this pipeline project will have a huge impact on the Commonwealth, including thousands of jobs for local Pennsylvanians and a $9.1 billion economic impact. Each decisive legal victory pushes back on infrastructure opponents who are trying to use the courts to halt a legally permitted project and increases the possibility that Pennsylvania will be able to gain the full benefit of energy development while keeping communities safe. They further underscore that this project is not only an economically beneficial one to the state, but also a project that stands on sound legal footing.

The Supreme Court’s decision was a good one and will hopefully end the legal and regulatory rigmarole that the opposition is using in fruitless attempts to stall the project.