PUC Makes the Right Call

Thankfully, yesterday the Pennsylvania PUC correctly voted to restart operations of the Mariner East 1 pipeline, overruling Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Barnes’ decision in late May. Judge Barnes’ flimsy legal ruling created a dangerous precedent utilizing unsubstantiated claims as justification without presenting the requisite evidence. Unnecessary delays like the one caused by Judge Barnes, especially after the PUC found on May 3rd that Mariner East 1 was safe, are reckless and create uncertainty for the community. On a project where the stakes are so high— including thousands of jobs for local Pennsylvanians and a $9.1 billion economic impact for the state—there is no room for mistaken legal interruptions. The PUC should be commended for making the right decision for the state and for the local communities and such future interruptions should be mitigated.