Another Protest Misrepresents What’s Best for Pennsylvanians

Today, anti-infrastructure groups held the most recent in a string of protests against the Mariner East 2 pipeline project, continuing to ignore the ways that natural gas production and natural gas infrastructure help Pennsylvanians.

Fringe activists like these want to govern with their ideological views, ignoring objective facts and economics. They overlook the fact that the pipelines they so adamantly oppose – such as Mariner East 2 – bring thousands of construction jobs to Pennsylvania, help local economies grow, and provide affordable, efficient, reliable energy to the Keystone state and beyond.

Their attempts to slow infrastructure progress will ultimately fail, as all of the projects underway, including Mariner East 2, have passed rigorous regulatory scrutiny. Natural gas drives Pennsylvania, and it’s helping families and communities across the state. Groups like these do not advocate for the progress Pennsylvanians want.