Infrastructure Opponents Behaving Like Frustrated Toddlers Who Didn’t Get Their Way

Last week, two protesters were arrested for trespassing while participating in the latest anti-infrastructure stunt in Pennsylvania. The women, members of “Mama Bears,” were hosting a “sit-in” at the construction site of the Mariner East 2 pipeline in an attempt to halt construction.

Anti-infrastructure groups such as these, who routinely ignore the positive benefits of the pipelines that they stringently oppose, would have you believe that they have been wronged, that they have not been allowed to have their voice heard in the debate, when the reality couldn’t be more different.

Contrary to the claims of these ideological protesters, the lengthy process from the project being proposed in 2014 to construction beginning and currently ongoing, has included more than a hundred public meetings, forums, and hearings that the company building the pipeline, Sunoco Pipeline, hosted and participated in. At each juncture, protesters and infrastructure opponents have had their opportunity to voice their opinions and raise concerns. For them to suggest differently is grossly inaccurate.

While there are differing opinions on both sides of any debate, the suggestion that they weren’t given a chance to have a say in the matter isn’t an opinion, it is a bald-faced lie. Stomping your feet and complaining isn’t the behavior of people who want to thoughtfully engage on matters of substance, it’s emblematic of toddlers who don’t get their way.