Ellen Gerhart Arrest Well Founded

Late last week, Ellen Gerhart, one of the primary anti-infrastructure activists fighting the Mariner East 2 pipeline, was arrested after violating a court order. Gerhart has long been a vocal opponent of the pipeline and has used increasingly reckless tactics to make her point. Just last September, Gerhart and Camp White Pine were encouraging fellow pipeline opponents to cause physical damage to postpone construction.

Gerhart’s latest stunts include spreading spoiled food near the construction site, starting fires near construction equipment, and standing in front of construction vehicles. Tactics such as this are not only in direct violation of a court order, but place the lives of the construction workers in jeopardy. Gerhart needs to stop putting ideological causes over public safety concerns and the law. Until then, her arrest should serve as a reminder to her fellow opponents of infrastructure progress that they are not above the law.