Pipeline Facts Are Not Fake News

As construction of Mariner East 2 pipeline reaches the finish line, radical opponents are once again pushing false narratives, claiming any positive coverage  of pipeline development as “fake news.”

Vista Today posted an article about how Sunoco has exceeded regulations during pipeline construction to ensure that Mariner East 2 operates safely in communities across Pennsylvania. It stated the following:

  • It starts in the pipe mill, where inspectors oversee the manufacturing of the pipe to strict standards. The pipe is inspected again when it arrives on the construction site.
  • Before and after the pipeline is buried, and ongoing once they are in operation, Energy Transfer Partners puts its pipelines through rigorous testing above and beyond what is required by federal safety regulations. Then, it monitors them 24/7, 365 days a year, from its central monitoring facility.
  • The company employs heavier pipe-wall thickness than required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The higher quality of pipe reduces the risk of damage from sources such as excavating equipment or ground movement.
  • Energy Transfer Partners buries the pipeline deeper underground than required in most cases — at least four feet and up to 200.
  • The company inspects 100 percent of the pipeline’s mainline girth welds by X-ray, rather than the 10 percent required.
  • Energy Transfer Partners patrols its Mariner East pipelines more frequently, by ground and air, than required.
  • The company teams with local emergency responders along the route to provide information and training on emergency pipeline response. Since 2014, it has trained more than 2,000 emergency responders and public officials.
  • State and federal regulators spent more than 100 inspection days during 2017 on the Mariner East project, more inspection days than on any other pipeline in Pennsylvania.

To no ones’ surprise pipeline opponents slammed the piece, calling it “fake news.” To be clear something is not simply untrue just because you choose to dismiss it. Anti-pipeline groups can’t comprehend that pipelines are built safely due to their own ideological bias. They choose to pull the wool over their eyes and deny the truth that Sunoco is utilizing the safest construction techniques and standards in the industry. It is fact that pipelines built today are the safest pipelines in operation because they utilize the most recent technologies to ensure safety. This blatant disregard for the truth doesn’t make it “fake news.”

Opposition groups are also constantly complaining that they aren’t in the know as to what is happening during the construction process. However this article details exactly what goes into building a pipeline and the rigorous safety measures that are followed, yet because it doesn’t coincide with their bias narrative it’s labeled as factually flawed.

Pennsylvania’s news outlets need to begin giving equal billing to the pipeline process by highlighting these facts that prove pipelines are being built exceeding regulations to ensure they operate safely. Bias has no place in reporting and choosing to only allow one side of the argument to be heard is a deliberate misuse of power by these outlets. Pipeline opponents have become accustomed to the bias news media, which is why they cannot fathom stories that highlight the fact that pipelines can be built safely.