Supreme Court Denies Pipeline Opponents Appeals

Two anti-pipeline court appeals were denied by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday. The appeals, filed by anti – pipeline groups sought to stop construction of Mariner East 2 citing infringements on zoning and land development ordinances.

The decision by the Supreme Court comes as no surprise as regulatory and judiciary bodies have repeatedly found the Mariner East 2 project to be in compliance with laws and ordinances at every level. In April the Commonwealth Court issued an opinion throwing out eminent domain challenges levied on pipeline construction.

Tuesday’s denial of the two appeals and the opinion issued in April are backed by a designation of “public utility service” given to Sunoco Pipeline through the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, the state’s highest energy regulator. Despite approval from lower courts, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and regulatory agencies, pipeline opponents are still looking for any frivolous opportunity to delay or halt pipeline construction.

Mariner East 2 stands as an important opportunity for the state of Pennsylvania, and the country, to become major providers in natural gas. Decisions by the courts in Pennsylvania highlights the compliance standards Sunoco holds itself to and is encouraging news for the natural gas industry.