Sunoco and PA DEP Honor Responsibilities with Grants

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently issued 61 grants to 14 different Pennsylvania counties for local infrastructure projects related to water quality, watershed restoration and stormwater management. This news is further confirmation that Sunoco and the Pennsylvania DEP remain committed to their responsibilities

Any permit violations issued against Sunoco also featured a monetary component. While the process for determining the amount is unknown Sunoco was very forthcoming in honoring this feature of their contract and willingly sent the DEP $12.6 million to be dispersed at their discretion. The DEP has decided to split the money amongst various townships in 14 of the 17 counties Mariner East 2 transverses.

DEP Secretary, Patrick McDonnell, was quoted in an article:

“…it is nice that this penalty could be put directly towards other deserving improvement projects in the communities along the right-of-way,”

It is equally encouraging to see Sunoco hold their end of the bargain by remedying any violations, bolstering safety standards and honoring their commitments. This news is proof that regulators and corporations working in tandem can benefit all parties involved. The Pennsylvania DEP has done a great job ensuring the regulatory process is effective.