Pipeline Activists’ Frivolous Suit Fell Short

The latest desperate attempt to halt the Mariner East 2 pipeline system through the courts has failed.

In November, seven residents from Chester and Delaware counties filed complaints to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission against Sunoco Pipelines. The complaints claimed that the Mariner East pipelines carrying liquid natural gas presented an intolerable amount of danger and must be stopped through an ‘Interim Emergency Order.’

The courts have finally spoken on the issue, writing:

“In conclusion, Petitioners/Complainants have failed to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that they have met all four requirements and are entitled to emergency interim relief pursuant to 52 Pa. Code § 3.6.  Petitioners have not satisfied any of the four requirements.  Accordingly, the relief requested will be denied in the Ordering paragraphs below.”

Pipeline opponents were unable to meet any of the four requirements that justify an emergency order. The success (really a lack there of) falls in line with the baseless arguments pipeline opponents have relied on in hopes of stopping an infrastructure project critical to Pennsylvania’s economic success.