PA State Senator Dinniman Clumsily Tells One Side of the Story

Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman is in the news again. The pipeline opponent has turned his sights away from the Mariner East project to critique Pennsylvania’s energy industry efforts to push for projects.

Sen. Dinniman suggested in a Daily Local News article that the pipeline lobby runs rampant in Harrisburg as evidenced by their spending from 2012 and onward. In return, local activist groups praised the politician for “helping shine a light” on lobbying expenditures in the capital.

However, the senator’s words are painfully tone deaf and highlight what appears to be a short or selective memory. Sen. Dinniman is not so quick to own up to using taxpayer money to fund a frivolous lawsuit against energy producers in the state with an activist law firm that has represented other pipeline opponents.

Energy producers are cornered into increased and likely unnecessary lobbying expenditures because of ideological anti-pipeline rhetoric purported by Sen. Dinniman and co. who refuse to accept multiple risk assessments, judicial rulings, and regulator assurances of pipeline safety.