Safety Responders Execute Appropriately

Local Pennsylvania news outlets and environmental activists were up in arms this week over a reported butane leak at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex though they have all missed a key point: plant employees and responders with hundreds of hours of safety trainings responded and executed their duty to ensure public safety perfectly.

For those unfamiliar, the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex traditionally processed crude oil from Texas but was recently converted to process natural gas liquids from the Mariner East pipeline system as well as serving as a distribution hub for refined products.

The Borough of Marcus Hook Facebook page broke news of the butane leak but noted that no evacuations were needed and temporary road closures were only taken as a best practice precaution. Safety responder quickly concluded that the leak was contained and no additional safety measures were required.

PPR encourages all Pennsylvania residents to acknowledge the due diligence the energy industry abides by, especially concerning public safety. Additionally, PPR applauds safety responders for remaining steadfast in their obligations to us all.