Pipeline Infrastructure Underdeveloped in PA, DE, and NJ

New Fortress Energy, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group LLC, is looking to increase consumer access to the natural gas landscape in Pennsylvania.

Following an executive order by President Trump to authorize liquefied natural gas (LNG) via truck and rail, which has been prohibited for years, New Fortress Energy is looking to transport natural gas by rail from Northeast Pennsylvania to their facility along the Delaware River.

It is encouraging to see more investment in the Pennsylvania energy landscape, as reported by Marcellus Drilling News; however, this news highlights the inadequacy of pipeline infrastructure development to support the opportunities provided by the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations.

Pipelines in Pennsylvania are largely at capacity. Coupled with their overall shortage and lack of pipelines a niche market has been created for New Fortress Energy to make a play in the Pennsylvania energy market.

This does come with its drawbacks, though. Both rail and truck transport of energy resources presents increased public safety risks over the much safer, pipeline alternative.

At a time when many pipeline opponents have highlighted the safety concerns of new pipelines in population centers, this is a result of their anti-progress agenda – less safe energy transportation through densely population areas such as Philadelphia, above ground.

New Fortress Energy’s entry will inevitably lead to lower energy prices but should be a signal to Pennsylvanians and policymakers that pipeline infrastructure development is needed and necessary to ensure the safety of local communities. Increased pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania can increase safety and continue to help the Commonwealth’s economy.