Exaggerated Delco Times Guest Column Published to Incite Fear, Instead of Provide Facts

Yesterday, Delco Times published an article regarding a backfire incident at the Mariner East 2 pipeline site calling the backfire an “explosion”. This is the type of language used by anti-pipeline activists Tom Casey and Eric Friedman, whose goal it is to incite fear amongst local residents. By publishing this article, Delco Times is contributing to the spread of community wide fear and ignoring the fact that the Mariner East safety protocols did their job.

Tom Casey, the author of the column, mentions that the Chester County Emergency Management office was not present at the time of the backfire. However, the loud sound residents heard, posed no threat to the surrounding environment.

The loud noise in fact, was caused by bringing the pipeline back online following routine maintenance. There was no need for the Emergency Management office to be present. Instead, the office determined the event was a noise disturbance and dispatched local police to the site where they found no imminent danger.

There are multiple protocols just in case of an emergency, but the backfire that occurred last week was nothing of the sort. Casey and Friedman want to force their conspiracy theories on locals and get them to believe Mariner East poses a serious threat. However, Mariner East has worked with the local community to address concerns throughout the pipelines existence and goes beyond the requirements necessary to ensure pipeline safety.