SEPA Resident Conflates Nuke War and Commonwealth’s Energy Infrastructure

Recently a Southeast Pennsylvania newspaper publishing scantly factual, unrealistic, and outlandish guest columns. The latest to grace the pages of the paper come courtesy of Ken Hemphill of Concord Township.

Hemphill makes his case against the state’s energy infrastructure industry, namely the Mariner East pipeline system, by conflating the dangers of pipelines with none other than…Cold War nuclear threats.

He writes “Dying in a pipeline explosion today seems a lot less likely than perishing in a nuclear blast at the height of the Cold War – but it’s no less absurd.”

To clarify, it is absurd to liken a sophisticated natural resource delivery system to a decades-long, deadly national security crisis.

In fact the Commonwealth’s investment and development of its energy industry has benefitted natural security efforts by cutting the United States’ reliance on foreign energy resources, particularly with Cold War perpetrators like Russia.

Additionally, as Fiona Hill recently testified on the Hill that Russia is actively engaged in the US, pushing anti-domestic energy messaging, which Mr. Hemphill’s message likely just propels.

Pipeline systems like Mariner East 1 and 2 displace transport methods like truck and rail.

Ken Hemphill’s column is a prime example of the fearmongering anti-infrastructure activists have relied on, completely ignoring facts and reality to make their case. Rhetoric like Hemphill’s is devoid of fact and long on extreme fear mongering. The reality is a strong energy industry that can safely deliver resources to consumers is a positive for Pennsylvania economy and the country’s national security.