Delaware Riverkeeper Uses Scare Tactics with NJ Residents and Ignores the Facts

This past Friday, pipeline opposition group, the Delaware Riverkeeper, tried to incite fear among NJ residents regarding the plans for an LNG storage facility on the Delaware River in Glouchester County. Riverkeeper, along with Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch, used fear tactics, telling residents how the facility would be bad for the environment, was at risk of exploding, and how the facility would disturb the river and their homes.

However, this is completely false as the purpose and construction of this facility will do nothing of the sort. The facility is meant to simply store LNGs and provide a place for products to be transported onto ships. These groups falsely made the facility out to be one that manufactured LNG and that is simply untrue.

The real concern behind this facility is that Pennsylvania is still lacking adequate pipeline infrastructure to transport LNGs safely. Materials will be transported to the Delaware River facility using rail instead of pipelines. Pipelines are actually four times safer for transportation of LNGs compared to truck and rail. However, Delaware Riverkeeper likes to ignore the facts and takes a stand against pipeline infrastructure as well.

Instead of opposing everything and spewing false information, the Delaware Riverkeeper should focus on finding something they can stand FOR. Pipeline infrastructure is the safest mode of transportation and has brought significant economic prosperity to Pennsylvania while lowering energy cost for PA’s citizens. New Jersey residents should not be frightened by the energy sector, but welcome it and the benefits that come along with it to their state.