Fearmongering is Unfair to Pennsylvanians Everywhere

In a recent editorial published by the Delco Times, the author follows other anti-pipeline activist rhetoric to instill fear among Pennsylvanians regarding the Mariner East pipeline while blatantly ignoring the facts. Pennsylvania has been safely operating pipelines for decades. Threatening residents with a “what if?” situation is a desperate attempt to defend a position that is unwarranted.

When it comes to the Mariner East pipeline system, Energy Transfer has worked in cooperation with state and local governments to ensure public safety. They have trained 2,027 emergency officials, public officials and excavators, 2,018 first responders and have held 22 meetings for 44 schools from 2017 to 2019 alone. 

In addition to this preparation, the actual pipeline system itself is built to be proactive. Every step of construction is prefaced with intense regulations and review with both state and federal agencies that must sign off on the project. On the construction front, Energy Transfer has instituted state of the art technologies that include control room monitoring, automatic shut off values, and regular line inspections.

The author also chooses to ignore the fact that multiple risk assessments have been performed on the pipeline. Although a risk assessment was required and shared with regulators for approval by law, the Delaware County Council chose to spend over $100,000 of taxpayer dollars to conduct their own in 2018. The study told us what we already knew. As Kathleen Carey reported, “…a person is 20 times more likely to die from a traffic accident or fall from stairs and 35 times more likely to die from a house fire than from an incident involving the Mariner East 2 pipeline…”

Mariner East exceeds federal pipeline safety regulations, but anti-pipeline activists would rather unfairly scare Pennsylvanians into only seeing their side rather than inform the public with facts. “What ifs” can apply and intimidate you out of doing almost any activity throughout your day. However, preparation is the key to ensuring those “what if” occurrences remain at bay. Mariner East has gone above and beyond ensuring the public’s safety and it is time for anti-pipeline activists to recognize the realities of pipeline safety.