Another LTE in the DelCo Times Ignores the Facts

Another LTE published in the DelCo Times insists that pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania is the end all be all, ignoring the fact that the energy sector employs Pennsylvanians, significantly reduces CO2 emissions, and provides viable access to efficient energy.

In his LTE, Daniel Fernandez, suggests that Pennsylvania should switch to solar and wind energy in order to eliminate emissions. Fernandez refuses to acknowledge the eradication of the economic benefits Pennsylvania reaps due to the energy sector and how that would affect the entire state. He also fails to cope with realities related to energy demand. Renewables currently make up around 17% of the energy mix and without development of new technologies can’t yet produce adequate energy to meet demand ( Not to mention, because renewables are less efficient, the cost of energy itself would increase.  Renewable energies might be virtually inexhaustible but are limited in the amount of energy that is available per unit of time (

At the very least, natural gas must be a bridge fuel that is utilized until the deficiencies of renewables can be overcome. With that being said, we must have adequate energy infrastructure to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable transport of these resources.

It’s lights out if we do not acknowledge reality with regard to energy.