Different Times, Same Angry Opponents

Anti-pipeliners just can’t bring themselves to rise above an international crisis. Their hatred for business, especially industries tasked with providing citizens critical resources to sustain daily life during the ongoing Coronavirus, pervades.

Who are they? A fringe environmental group with a long history of civil disobedience, a backbench state sentator who generates more paper with ludicrous press statements than legislation passed, and a blogger. As usual, they’re all apoplectic that Pennsylvanian’s want to work.

Last week, Jim Snell for the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 420 released the following statement in response to State Senator Andy Dinniman’s request for regulators to shut down Mariner East construction.

“The health and safety of our workers is paramount — always. It is part of our culture as highly skilled laborers, and it is something we take seriously at every job site, because we want all of our workers to get home safely after their shifts end. Contrary to the senator’s claim, Gov. Tom Wolf has declared ongoing construction as essential work. That means our hardworking men and women are on the frontline. Although much of our work is spread across large areas rather than confined to small spaces, enhancing social distancing practices, our workers are taking every recommended precaution. Local 420 continues to monitor the situation, relying on state and federal updates, while employing the most effective measures to protect the health and safety of our men and women and the communities where we work.”

On Thursday, as has been widely reported, Governor Wolf did in fact shut down most all construction activities across the commonwealth. As is always the case, there must be exceptions to such an order. Exceptions for work that provides vital resources for citizens. Resources such as electricity and home heat. Contrary to what some anti-pipeliners might believe, these products are in fact declared life-sustaining. Without electricity, hospitals can’t function, drugstores would close.

As the West Chester Daily Local reported yesterday, Mariner East’s operator is working with the Governor’s office to ensure that they are doing what they can at this time of uncertainty while also adhering to the shutdown order. At this time, crews are on sites to ensure they are secure, maintained, and stable.

While special interests opposed to energy production and the safe transport of these resources to homes, hospitals, and other businesses, Energy Transfer is working tirelessly to do what they can to ensure that no homes lose electricity and hospitals are open for business.