New Data Confirms PA’s Infrastructure Does Not Lower Property Value, Again

DataUSA’s new data demonstrates that property values in Chester and Delaware County, both situated along the Mariner East pipeline, increased in 2018. This proves what many anti-pipeline activists have been known to claim that pipeline construction would decrease property value in the state. One, Eric Friedman continues to push his baseless claims by questioning his rising property values. He claims “Unless you take into account the stigma and the price impairment caused by the pipeline then you’re not reflecting fair market value.” 

For years, reports and studies demonstrated that Friedman’s claim was false and this new data confirms it again. For example, The Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation found in two separate studies, one in 2001 and then again in 2016 that a home’s value was not negatively impacted by pipeline construction.  Property value did not decrease in PA’s Washington County while there was construction in 2015 either. As this additional study proves, the facts still stand, PA’s energy infrastructure does not lower property values.