Activists with Skewed View Can’t Be Trusted

When paid to push a certain ideological view and/or cause, some tend to lose sight of the facts. There is a lot of this going around Chester County recently.

In the past week there have been incidents where these activists have claimed that drinking water has been impacted based on no foundation for their claim. Some have even said they received calls from a state senator making the same false claims, telling people that their drinking water has been tainted could undoubtedly create mass confusion and hysteria.

To clear things up, the pipeline developer made clear that public water was not impacted due to the incident at Schoen Rd. At Marsh Creek Lake, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a statement last week pushing back on claims that drinking water was also impacted at Marsh Creek Lake.

These activists claim that regulators aren’t doing their job, but the fact is they are making determinations based on geology, engineering, and biology, identifying the facts of the situation. They also have to spend time clearing up misstatements by pipeline opponents, like assuring whole communities that their drinking water has not been damaged.

These activists are backed by deep pockets to push their anti-pipeline causes. One, who has a history of taking money from dark money groups, just lost a second race in as many years by nineteen points. Other moneyed interests use the strategy of filing frivolous lawsuits after frivolous lawsuit. In fact, a judge recently gave them a pretty stern slap-down for their tactics.

The anti-pipeliners have funders they answer to and continue latch onto anything they can to help push their cause…whether legitimate or not. Not sure they have a good track record as a responsible source of factual information.