Sen. Katie Muth Makes False Claims, Kerslake Dismissive

Because of all the misinformation pushed by anti-pipeline activists about energy infrastructure projects, Pennsylvania Pipeline Review highlights the bad actors. In the past week there have been a number of them.

Yesterday, anti-pipeliner Ginny Kerslake wrote on her Facebook account that “no one has claimed the drill at Shoen Road in West Whiteland Township has impacted drinking water,” which is not true. Last week, State Senator Katie Muth issued a statement last Monday saying, “this latest failure by the operators at Mariner East pipeline is unacceptable. Drinking water has now been contaminated…” Kerslake herself was in a video on Facebook acknowledging that the aquifer had been used for drinking water and was being polluted.

An elected official making reckless, unfounded claims about community drinking water is unfortunate to say the least. It’s just another day for these anti-pipeliners.